EQuIS Geotech Reports

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EQuIS Geotech Reports

EQuIS Geotech has numerous standard reports to facilitate project understanding and decision making, assist with project management, and share information with various data providers and/or stakeholders. The EQuIS Geotech reports provide results from geotechnical laboratory tests and boring activities based on industry standards associated with:

ASTM International,

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO),

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and

Unified Soil Classification System (USCS).


These reports are provided in Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files or are created from database functions in the EQuIS Geotech Schema. Standard EQuIS Geotech reports in DLL files are available for download in the Products\EQuIS Geotech folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC). For Enterprise use, DLL file reports should be published to the database.


Note: Many of the standard EQuIS Geotech reports use Microsoft Excel templates to generate graphical output. Example Excel template files are provided with EQuIS Geotech and are available for download in the Products\Geotechnical folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the ECC. See the Geotechnical Template Configuration article for detailed information on editing/creating Excel templates for use with EQuIS Geotech reports.



Geotech Sample Reports


The following standard EQuIS Geotech sample reports are contained within the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.176839.dll file:

Analytical Results – Returns a combination of geotechnical sample parameters and/or geotechnical analytical results along with locations and their coordinates.

Atterberg Limits – Plots the Plasticity Index against the Liquid Limit for each sample result.

Atterberg Limits 3 Point – Plots the Water Content and the Blow Counts data for each Atterberg Limits readings result and applies a line of best fit.

Compaction – Plots the Water Content and Dry Density results of a Compaction test on a standard compaction plot.

Gradation (Hydrometer) - ASTM D7928 – Creates a Grain Size Distribution by plotting the hydrometer analysis results that are in accordance with ASTM D7928

Gradation (Sieve) - ASTM D6913 – Creates a Grain Size Distribution by plotting the sieve analysis results.

Grain Size Analysis – Combines the sieve and hydrometer analysis results and plots a Grain Size Distribution.

Lab Forms – Generates a .zip package that includes a Chain of Custody (COC) and the associated Lab Data Entry Forms for lab tests assigned to the selected sample(s). This report also provides the user with the option to include a Lab Test Fee Summary output.

Lab Summary – Outputs data for selected fields in a table format. The user has the option to display data from various tables in the database. This report filters the results based on the selected task(s).

Lab Test Status – Summarizes the status of the geotechnical lab tests of the selected tasks and/or locations.

Unconfined Compression – Plots the Stress and Strain reading results of an Unconfined Compression (UC) test.

Unconsolidated Undrained – Plots the Stress and Strain reading results of an Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) test.

Water Content vs. Depth – Plots the water content results against depth for all samples in each selected location.



Geotech Field Reports


Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and Dilatometer Test (DMT) data collected during field activities can be reported with the following standard EQuIS Geotech field reports contained within the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.d26526.dll file:

CPT Parameters – Produces a graphical output of various calculated CPT Parameters against Depth.

CPT Parameters Export – Outputs various calculated CPT parameters to a Microsoft Excel file.

CPT - Pore Pressure Dissipation – Produces a graphical output of Pore Pressure and Normalized Pore Pressure against Depth.

DMT Parameters Export – Outputs various calculated DMT Parameters to a Microsoft Excel file.



Geotech Function Reports


The following EQuIS Geotech reports are created by functions installed when the Geotechnical Schema (schema.geotech.xme) is applied to the database.

CPT Apparent Rod Breaks – Identifies apparent rod breaks that occurred during CPT activities based on sleeve resistance measurements.

CPT Data – Uses raw CPT data parameters stored in the DT_DOWNHOLE_POINT_DATA table to calculate and output correlated CPT parameters.

CPT Dissipation Data – Queries the results of a CPT Dissipation test to calculate the pore pressure and normalized excess pore pressure results.

DMT Data – Queries the raw DMT data parameters stored in the DT_DOWNHOLE_POINT_DATA and DT_LOCATION_PARAMETER tables to calculate correlated DMT parameters.

Lab Test Assignments – Provides a summary of the lab tests assigned to samples within a facility.

Unconfined Compression Data – Outputs Unconfined Compression data for selected locations in the appropriate units.

Unconsolidated Undrained Data – Outputs Unconsolidated Undrained data for selected locations in the appropriate units.



Geotech Project Report


The following standard EQuIS Geotech project report is contained within the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.176839.dll file:

Project Details Report – Filters data by DT_TASK.TASK_CODE and outputs the project information related to the task.



Geotechnical Results Report


The Geotechnical Results Report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.d30189.dll) returns information from the DT_SAMPLE, DT_GEO_TEST and DT_GEO_RESULT tables based on the report parameter selections.



AGS Report


The Geotechnical Export - AGS 4 Report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.d31073.dll) exports data from EQuIS and outputs it using the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) formatting rules.



Collect Reports


To facilitate data entry in the Web Forms widgets on the EQuIS Geotech dashboard or data collection in the field using the Collect Mobile app, forms can be pre-populated using the Geotechnical Collect Report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.d13047.dll file installed with Collect).



EnviroInsite Reports


EQuIS Geotech provides EnviroInsite template files that can be used with EnviroInsite reports (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.EnviroInsite.dll) to generate boring logs (soil, CPT, DMT, and well construction) and subsurface profiles of the logs in a PDF format.

EnviroInsite Boring Logs II Report

EnviroInsite Subsurface Profile Report



Professional Interface Reports


The EQuIS for gINT Interface provides the capability to import data from gINT project databases and create borehole logs, fence diagrams, reports, and tables using gINT. The following standard EQuIS reports are installed with EQuIS Professional:

gINT Export – Exports EQuIS geotechnical data to a Microsoft Excel file in standard gINT structure. 

gINT Report – Creates gINT reports in multiple formats, such as PDF boring log files.