Geotechnical Atterberg Limits Report

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Geotechnical Atterberg Limits Report

Report Name: Geotechnical Atterberg Limits (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.176839.dll

Dependencies: Licensed EQuIS Geotech and Geotechnical Schema

Software: EQuIS Professional and Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Geotech (EarthSoft Community Center > Products > EQuIS Geotech)

Language: English

Output Type: Excel1 or PDF


Description: The Geotechnical Atterberg Limits report plots the Plasticity Index against the Liquid Limit for each sample result. This report filters the results based on the selected task and will only display samples that have an associated DT_GEO_TEST table record where DT_GEO_TEST.TEST_TYPE = ‘Atterberg’.  This report can be run in EQuIS Professional or published to EQuIS Enterprise.


Installation Instructions: This report requires an EQuIS Geotech license and the Geotechnical Schema applied to the database. The Geotechnical Atterberg Limits report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.176839.dll) is available for download in the Products\EQuIS Geotech folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center. For Enterprise use, this report should be published to the database. When publishing the report, the assembly should be stored in the database. The report will be available for selection once it has been published.


Additional Details:


The Plasticity Index is calculated by subtracting the Plastic Limit from the Liquid Limit (Liquid Limit – Plastic Index). The Liquid Limit is gathered from the DT_GEO_RESULT table  where DT_GEO_RESULT.GEO_RESULT_CODE = 'Att_LL' and the Plastic Limit information comes from the DT_GEO_RESULT table where DT_GEO_RESULT.GEO_RESULT_CODE = 'ATT_PL'.


This report supports task_code based paging.  


This report uses the Shared Attributes detailed in the Shared Report Attributes article.


Note: The EarthSoft_AtterbergLimits.xlsx template file is provided with EQuIS Geotech. This template file contains a hidden sheet in the workbook labeled “Chart Data” that is used to construct the constant “U” and “A” lines. See the Geotechnical Template Configuration article for detailed information on editing/creating Excel templates for use with EQuIS Geotech reports.





Report Parameters



Parameter for selecting individual locations.


Parameter for selecting location groups.


Parameter for selecting task code(s).

Excel Template

Parameter for selecting Excel template. The report searches the DT_FILE table where DT_FILE.PLACE_TYPE = ‘Atterberg’.

Override Template
(EQuIS Professional Only)

Parameter to enter the full file path to use a local override template. This parameter is only available in EQuIS Professional.

Output File Type

Parameter for selecting the output file type. The options are PDF or Excel.


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.