Standard with EQuIS Geotech

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Standard with EQuIS Geotech

EQuIS Geotech has numerous standard reports to facilitate project understanding and decision making, assist with project management, and share information with various data providers and/or stakeholders. The EQuIS Geotech reports provide results from industry standard geotechnical laboratory tests and boring activities. These reports are provided in Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files or are created from functions in the EQuIS Geotech Schema.

Geotech Sample Reports

Geotech Field Reports

Geotech Function Reports

Geotechnical Project Details Report

Geotechnical Export - AGS 4 Report

Geotechnical Results Report


Some of the EQuIS Geotech reports require use of Microsoft Excel template files. Out-of-the-box Excel templates are provided with EQuIS Geotech, but users can format the layout and graphic data tables as desired. See the EQuIS Geotech Report Template Configuration article for detailed information on editing/creating Excel templates for use with EQuIS Geotech reports.


Some of the EQuIS Geotech reports that use Microsoft Excel template files share methods to display different report attributes, including the following:

Project/Sample Information

Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) Classification

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Classification

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Classification

Atterberg Limits

Sieve Analysis Results


The EQuIS Geotech Report Shared Attributes article provides details regarding the Excel Name Manager fields available to use on most EQuIS Geotech reports.