gINT Export

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gINT Export

Report Name: gINT Export (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Interfaces.gINT.dll

Dependencies: Licensed EQuIS Geotech and Geotech Schema

Software: EQuIS Professional

Source: EQuIS Professional install + EQuIS Geotech (EarthSoft Community Center > Products > Geotechnical)

Language: English

Output Type: Excel1 or CDS


Description: The gINT Export report exports gINT tables from EQuIS databases using the GDX mapping. Depending on the export type selected, the report will produce:

A Microsoft Excel workbook that can be used to create gINT projects

A compressed DataSet file (.cds)


Installation Instructions: This report assembly is part of the EQuIS Professional installation. No additional installation steps are necessary.




The report export tables and fields are defined in the gINT queries (GDX) file. This file is not used by gINT itself but contains the queries necessary to extract the data out of the EQuIS Database and make it usable by gINT. The SQL query is dynamic and depends on the GDX file. If errors occur when running this report, please include the gINT script file (*.gsc) and log file included in the user's %temp% folder in the support requests.


The following must be set up by an SQL Server user with the appropriate permissions or Enterprise ALS user with the Admin role for certain input parameters to be recognized:


1.RT_FILE_TYPE table must contain the file type = ‘.gdx’.

2.DT_FILE table must contain an entry where:

a.FILE_TYPE = ‘.gdx’

b.FILE_NAME = ‘[group_code from Step 2b].gdx’ (e.g., gint std us.gdx)
This can be done by uploading the gINT mapping file corresponding to the entry in Step 2 in the Docs & Photos Form, then assign FILE_TYPE = '.gdx' to it in the DT_FILE table.
Example: An example gint std us.gdx is available in the install of EQuIS Professional in the following path: C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\ or (for per-user installation) %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Examples\GeoTechnical\gINT


Report Parameters

gINT gdx Mapping

Parameter to select the GDX file for table and field exports.



Parameter to select individual locations.


Parameter to select location groups.

Export Type

Parameter to select export type: Excel or CDS.

CDS Password

Will apply the password to the created CDS file.


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.