Get New EUID Values

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Get New EUID Values

Report Name: Get New EUID Values (92588)


Report Type: Standard Report


Description: The report gets one or more new EUID values of the logged in database.


Report Dependencies: There are no dependencies for this report.


File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.92588.dll


Language: English


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.  


Input Parameters

Input Parameter Screenshot

Output Columns

Number of EUIDs:


Your New EUIDs


Tables: ST_ID      


Database Type: SQL


Database Schema: Standard (no custom or add-on schemas required)


Database Version: EQuIS 6.0+


Data Requirements: N/A


Report Requirements: N/A


Output Type: IGrid


Example Output: View the following example or download the Get New EUID values.xlsx.


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