Run a Report – Quickstart Guide

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Run a Report – Quickstart Guide

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Generate report data in EQuIS Professional with the following steps.

1.Connect to the facility or facility group of interest.

2.From the Home tab of the ribbon, select Reports Reports-16. This launches the Open window.

3.In the Open window that appears, select the desired report and click Open, or double-click on the report. The report may be in a subfolder in the Open window.

4.Optionally, choose report parameters in any of the following ways:

odirectly in the report interface

owith a user report

owith a report parameter file

5.Click Go Arrow right-16. Reports will load in either an EQuIS Professional tab (grid report) or output to another program (non-grid report). For more information on report types and definitions, see Reports.


From the report toolbar, export grid reports with one of the following buttons:

a.Send to Microsoft Excel Excel Export-16

b.Export Export-16 for other export options


By default, exported files save to the Working Folder for the facility.


Next Steps


Here are other actions a user can take after running a report, along with associated buttons.


Back Arrow left-16

Change Report View

Create Output

Choose Different Report Parameters

Apply Filters Filter-Standard-16

Export to Excel Excel Export-16 or Other Formats Export-16

Save a User Report Save-16 Save As(16)

Pin Columns to Start of Dataset Pin-16

Create a Crosstab Report Crosstab-16

Save a Report Parameter File Save-16

Group By Column

Create an RDL Report RDL-16

Append a Report Go Append-Add(16)

Remove and Reorder Columns Column Chooser-16

Create Charts: Trend Graph-XYZ-16, XY Graph-XY-16, or XYZ Graph-XYZ-16

Remap Values Find-16

Add Custom Date Columns to Report