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Report Toolbar

The Report Toolbar appears (typically) on the second row of the main pane when a report has been opened. Different buttons may appear depending on the report chosen.





Load selections from file


Save selections to file

Arrow right - 08(1) Go

Runs the report

append_plus Go (Append)

Appears after a report has been run once, allowing the user to add an additional dataset to the bottom of the initial report

Forms-Form-04-WF(32) Open SampleTestResult_II Form

Appears on certain Analytical Results II reports

Help Help

Opens that report's documentation page. This function may not be available for custom reports.

Parameter files for this report:

This is another option to load Saved Report Parameters via .xml files meeting the following criteria:

saved to this report

located in the file path [Working Folders path]\My EQuIS Work\[Database Name]\[Facility]

User Reports:

This button allows users to load a User Report. The button will be disabled if any necessary reports for running the current report have not been published to the database.


Save selections to database as 'User Report'*.


Save selections to database in a specific folder for users with the appropriate permissions*.

User Report Delete-16

Delete the selected User Report from the 'User Report' list and the database*.


* – for users with the appropriate permissions on published reports