EQuIS Geotech Formats

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EQuIS Geotech Formats

Data providers may submit an EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) to EQuIS using one of the standard EQuIS format files. The EQuIS format file is the essence of data checking in EDP and EQuIS. Structured in eXtensible Markup Language (XML), the EQuIS format file set contains the definitions and restrictions for each individual field in available data tables. The format files control data checks, such as range checking, reference values, formatting and enumerations. EQuIS formats are packaged in a ZIP archive. See the EQuIS Format Files chapter for more information.



Formats Standard with Geotech


The following standard EQuIS Geotech formats are available for download in the Products\EQuIS Geotech folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center. The format zipped files can be found in the Formats folder.


Geotech_refvals Format – Contains an EDD section for each of the reference value tables applicable to the EQuIS Geotech Schema. Use this format to import, update, and/or export reference values. The Geotech_Refvals_EDD.xlsx file provided in the EQuIS Geotech package (in the Formats folder) can be used with the Geotech_refvals Format to upload EQuIS Geotech reference values to the correct EQuIS reference tables.


Geotechnical_v2 Format – Used to upload geotechnical data to the appropriate EQuIS database tables. 


Geo_Lab_Fees Format – Used to update the corporate, office, and project related lab fees for lab test methods stored in the RT_GEO_TEST_METHOD table.



Formats Standard with EQuIS


The EQuIS Geotech workflow also uses the standard EQuIS Facility format (i.e., Facility.zip) and Reference Value format (i.e., refvals.zip) available with the EQuIS Professional installation in the Formats folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EarthSoft). (see Standard EQuIS Formats)



Virtual Formats


EQuIS Geotech utilizes EQuIS Link to upload instrumentation data and project lab fee information via the Enterprise EDP EDD Upload widget by configuring Link Mapping Project Template files as "virtual" formats (see the Installation and Configuration articles). These virtual formats are used on the CPT/DMT, Lab Assignments, and Lab Instrument Data dashboards.


EQuIS Link Files provided with EQuIS Geotech are:

CPT – Geotech AB

CPT – Hogentogler

CPT Dissipation – Geotech AB

CPT Dissipation – Hogentogler

DMT Standard


UC Geotac

UU Geotac