Geo_Lab_Fees Format

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Geo_Lab_Fees Format

Format Name: Geo_Lab_Fees

File Name:

Dependencies: Licensed EQuIS Geotech and Geotechnical Schema

Source: Available on the EarthSoft Community Center Downloads Dashboard > Products > EQuIS Geotech


Description: This format can be used to update the corporate, office, and project related lab fees for lab test methods stored in the RT_GEO_TEST_METHOD table.


Installation Instructions: Download the Geo_Lab_Fees format from the EarthSoft Community Center and unblock the *.zip file.  


Overview: The Geo_Lab_Fees format includes the Lab_Fees section, which populates the DT_COST table with fees for geotechnical test methods.


Geotechnical test methods (stored in RT_GEO_TEST_METHOD.TEST_METHOD_CODE) are associated with DT_COST records through RT_GEO_TEST_METHOD.EUID = DT_COST.OBJECT_EUID.  


To update corporate fees, set DT_COST.COST_TYPE to 'geolab_corporate_fees'.

To update office fees, set DT_COST.COST_TYPE to 'geolab_office_fees'.

To update project fees, set DT_COST.COST_TYPE to 'geolab_project_fees'.


Columns in the Geotech_Lab_Fees format use different tables for their reference value lookups. The EQuIS EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) Description file includes which tables are used for the reference value source. Download the EQuIS EDD Description file in EDP or the Enterprise EDP EDD Upload Widget.  


For information about the custom checks utilized in this format, please see the EDD Description File for the Geo_Lab_Fees format.