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EarthSoft Support

Information to Include

Record Steps


EarthSoft provides support for clients with valid software maintenance. Tickets are created, time-stamped, and processed according to severity level and in the order received. EarthSoft Support aims to respond within 12 business hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of submitting a support request, please resubmit or call EarthSoft Support:

Telephone 800-649-8855 or 503-345-0212, Hours 8 AM - 8 PM Easterm Standard Time, Email


Some of the EQuIS applications have Help buttons to create an email to EarthSoft Support with build-specific information:

Collect MobileSettings

EQuIS Data-Gathering Engine (EDGE) – EQuIS button > About > Email Support

EQuIS EnviroInsite  – Help > Tech Support (see also the EnviroInsite-specific Technical Support article)

EQuIS EnterpriseSupport Request Form

EQuIS Professional – File > About > Email Support

Sample Planning Module (SPM) – File > About > Email Support

Standalone EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) – File > About > Email Support


Information to Include


More information helps Software Technologists provide complete, informed responses. Please include the following in support requests, as applicable:

EQuIS Debug Log

EQuIS Enterprise Logs

SPM Debug Log – Typically found in Documents\My EQuIS Work\spmdebug.log

Application being used, including build information

Affected site and facility (EQuIS Online sites)

Format, report, or template/form name

Exports of parameter selections or output (e.g., XML files, spreadsheets, EDDs, or screenshots)

If multiple users encounter the behavior, and (for performance/connectivity concerns) if they are in the same location or on the same network

Steps taken related to the behavior and, if possible, relevant files used when behavior is observed. See the next section for the option to record steps.


Record Steps


When appropriate/possible provide a copy of the recorded steps to reproduce the problem using the built-in Windows Steps Recorder (for Windows 10 users only). ​Search or run "psr" from the Windows Start menu.


For instructions on how to record and save steps on your computer using the Windows Steps Recorder, review Microsoft article Record steps to reproduce a problem


Security Note: Please ensure that passwords or other sensitive information are not visible when using the Steps Recorder, as these will appear in screenshots. However, the passwords will not be retained in the auto-generated finalized steps.