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Collect Enterprise Form Designer Page

Forms used in the Collect Mobile app can be designed and built using Collect Enterprise. Form templates are designed and then published to be accessible on the Collect Mobile app. A new form template can be created entirely from scratch or can be based on an existing template.


Templates should be tested before they are published so that they can be modified without having to create a new template with each change. Forms in Test mode can be modified but data captured from these forms will not be pushed to the database. Use this mode exclusively for testing the functionality of forms before publishing them and not for field data collection purposes. See the Publish Forms on Mobile App article for more detail.


Form Designer Page Layout


The Form Designer page provides a status summary of available form templates and is used to create new form templates.




For each form template, the following information is provided:

Name – Template title, as specified by the template builder.  

Version – Version number, as specified by the template builder.

Type – Form type, as specified by the template builder.

Format – Template format; frequently a specified EQuIS EDD format.

User Groups – User groups to which the template has been assigned.

Date – Date of template creation.

Created By – User who created the form template.

EDP? – If the form template is set to automatically process EDDs through EDP.

Status – Template status; can be design Col-Form_Status_Design-Icon, testing Col-Form_Status_Testing-Icon, published Col-Form_Status_Published-Icon, or disabled Col-Form_Status_Disabled-Icon.  

Editing – The Edit Col-Edit-Icon icon allows further editing of the template until it is published.

Preview – The Preview Col-Preview-Icon icon displays the structure of how the template will appear on the Collect Mobile app.


Each of the headers in the view window can be filtered alphabetically or chronologically. The mouse cursor changes from the default arrow to a pointer when hovering over selectable items on the Form Designer page.




The Search box can be used to filter the form templates by name. Type the form name or a portion of the form name into the search field. The display of form templates will be limited to the search string.


Search template by name




User Groups


The user group status shows which groups are currently assigned to the form template. To change or add user groups, click on the form template name in the user group column section. The Groups window opens showing all available user groups. Check the boxes for the desired user groups and select the OK button.


Assign user groups




The Status column contains an icon that displays the status of the form template. The template status can be:

Design Col-Form_Status_Design-Icon,

Testing Col-Form_Status_Testing-Icon,

Published Col-Form_Status_Published-Icon, or

Disabled Col-Form_Status_Disabled-Icon.


By default, a new form template has a design status. To change the status of a form template or to delete a template, click on the Status icon of the template to open the Status window. Select the desired status option and click the OK button. The status icon changes to the selected option, unless a form is deleted, which removes the form. To prevent the inadvertent publication or deletion of a template, the user will be prompted with a message asking for confirmation of the selected action. It is possible to switch between “Design” and “Test” status multiple times, however, once a form is published, it is not possible to change its status or to “unpublish” the form.


Assign template status


Disabled templates are displayed by selecting the Show Disabled option.


Show Disabled


Form Preview


To see how the template structure will display on the Collect Mobile app, click the Preview Col-Preview-Icon icon for the template. The Forms Template Preview window opens. Select any of the forms in the Forms Template Preview window to display the fields on the form. Select the Form Designer page from the side menu or hit the back button to return to the Form Designer page.


Template preview


To view the mapping variable structure, click the View Template button. A new web browser tab will open, showing details about the current template in an XML table structure.


Note: This functionality may not work if popups are blocked in the web browser.




The table shows the form structure and their respective attributes, which are set during the design of the form. Field names are listed on the first column of the table. The field types are displayed in the second column, as well as their attributes in the subsequent columns (“Visible”; “Required”; “Formula”, etc.).