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Publish Forms on Mobile App

This article describes the process of publishing form templates to be available on the Mobile App. This is an overview of the process. Detailed instructions on building form templates are available in the Form Designer chapter.


Once a template is created, it can be made available to the Collect Mobile app by either publishing the template for use in field data collection or by making it available in test mode. A field collection or test form can be generated from a form template in two different ways: (1) Select and open the template on the mobile device using Collect, or (2) Create a new form directly on the server based on an existing template and make that form available to users. This feature can be used with the Sample Planning Module to allow automatic generation of pre-populated forms once specific tasks are completed.

1.Publish the template directly from the Form Designer page. Select the desired template. Click on the Status Col-Form_Status_Design-Icon icon for the selected template to open the Status dialog box. Click the Publish radio button and select the OK button. The Status will now show Published with an updated Status Col-Form_Status_Published-Icon icon. Templates should be tested before they are published so that they can be modified without having to create a new template with each change. If the template is to be used in test mode, then the Test option should be selected. Forms in Test mode can be modified but data captured from these forms will not be pushed to the database and will therefore be lost. Use this mode exclusively for testing the functionality of forms before publishing them and not for field data collection purposes. If a template is deleted while still in test mode (i.e., not published), all forms associated with the template will also be deleted.

Publish Form from Form Designer


2.Create a new form directly on the server based on an existing template. Click the New button on the Forms page. Select a facility and an existing template. Set the desired properties and user groups. Once saved, the form will be available for download.


Publish Form from Form






Open Collect Mobile and the form(s) or templates will be available for download under the appropriate tabs. Tap the Download Col-Mobile_Template_Download_icon icon to download the pre-populated form or template.


Published Form Available for Download


Once downloaded, the form or template will be available on Collect for field collection or testing purposes.