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Collect Enterprise User Groups Page

The User Groups page lists approved EQuIS Collect users, and provides the tools to create or manage user groups and to assign individual users to specific groups. Access to templates and forms on the Collect Mobile app are controlled through assignment to user groups.


Note: Management of user groups is limited to Enterprise users belonging to the Admin role.




Users that are assigned to the Collect license role are listed by username. If additional information has been supplied regarding the user, it will be displayed in the Other Detail column. The headers can be filtered alphabetically.


The Search box can be used to filter the users by username. Type the username or a portion of the name into the search field. The display of users will be limited to the search string.


Filter UserName


Manage Groups


Users can be assigned to various groups. To create or manage a user group, select the Manage Groups button on the right side of the User Groups page.


Manage Groups


The Available Groups page opens.




To create a new user group, select the New button and the Add User Group window opens. Enter a new Group Code. This field is required. Supply a description and remark as desired. Click the Save button to create the new user group.



To edit an existing user group, click on the Edit Col-Edit-Icon icon of the desired group code in the Available Groups page. The information for the user group will populate in the Edit Group window. Edit the information as desired and click the Save button to save the changes.



To delete an existing user group, click on the Delete Col-Delete_Icon icon. A warning message will be displayed to confirm the deletion. Click the Yes button to delete the user group.


Select the Back button to close the Available Groups page and return to the User Groups page.


Select Groups


Once user groups have been created, assign users to user groups. Click on the Select button to open the drop-down menu displaying available user groups. Check all the desired user groups to display. A column for each user group will become visible. Assign individual users to each user group by adding a check in the appropriate user group column. Since access to templates and forms on the Collect Mobile app is controlled through assignment to user groups, it is critical for users to be assigned to all necessary user groups.