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Collect Enterprise Reports Page

The Reports page has three tabs: Reports, Parameters, and Results. The Reports page enables data filtering based on the report type. Reports are managed from the Report Chooser. Select the Report Chooser button on the right side of the Reports page to open the Reports Chooser window. Select any desired reports.




Reports Tab


The selected reports are displayed in Reports tab. Any displayed report can then be selected to examine the data collected in greater detail or to export the results.




Parameters Tab


In the example below, the Collect - Field Forms report is selected from the Reports tab. The Parameters tab is then displayed. Click the Load button to load all data collected for this type of report by various users.




All available reports that were created by various users collecting data on the same report format will be displayed.


Specific Param Detail


Clicking on each of these reports to show parameter details.


User Report - Details


The selected report can be saved and run.


Results Tab


Select the Run Report button on the Parameters tab.


Run Report


The report will be available on the Results tab once run. Select the desired export option to download the report to the selected file type. File export options include text (txt), comma-delimited (cvs), Microsoft Excel (xlsx), GoogleEarth (kmz), GIS shapefile (shp) and portable document format (pdf).


Running Report