Logger Integration

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Logger Integration

Collect can directly capture data real-time from supported data loggers (see list below). Collect forms must be configured in Collect Enterprise to connect to data loggers prior to the forms being published for use on the Collect Mobile app. Appropriately configured forms on the Collect Mobile app can connect to the data loggers via Bluetooth technology.


Supported Loggers


Collect can support any In-Situ Bluetooth logger that uses the In-Situ Modbus Protocol and that have the latest firmware version (i.e., use Bluetooth Low Energy). The loggers on this protocol are the following:

Level TROLL® 700, 500, 400

BaroTROLL® 500

Aqua TROLL® 100, 200, 500

Rugged TROLL® 200,

Rugged BaroTROLL®






Aqua TROLL® 400, 600


For more details about these loggers and the Modbus Protocol, see the currently published list from In-Situ:




Collect Enterprise Setup


Before a form can be used on the Collect Mobile app to capture data from a logger, the form needs to be appropriately configured.


1.From the Form Designer page, select a form template that contains form(s) with the field parameters that will be captured by the data logger in the field and click the Edit Col-Edit-Iconicon.


2.In the Form Template Layout window, select the Edit Col-Edit-Iconicon for the form containing the field parameter(s).


3.On the Form Setup page, click the Logger Setup button to display all the fields on the form.

Field Setup

4.The Logger Setup dialog window opens. Populate fields on the form that will be capturing data from the logger. Either click the Autopopulate button or click on the field parameter(s). The Autopopulate function will try to match form fields to the logger fields using a search and compare. For example, a field on the form called field pH will be automatically mapped to pH on the logger. When a field parameter is selected on the form, a dialog window will display all available fields in the selected format table. Populate fields on the form with the field name from the format and the associated unit that will be collected with the data logger. Click the OK button when all parameters have been setup.


5.Click the Save button on the Form Setup page.

6.Publish the form template to be available on the Collect Mobile app.


Note: The form fields/parameters must be decimal data type to appropriately receive data from the logger.



Bluetooth Connection on Mobile Device


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can be used to exchange data between fixed devices (e.g., data logger) and mobile devices (e.g., Collect Mobile app) over short distances. EQuIS Collect supports connecting to In-Situ probes using Bluetooth (for Android, iOS, and Windows). Connect the data logger to the mobile device by the following steps:

1.In Collect Mobile, open a form that has the logger setup configured (see the Collect Enterprise Setup section above).

2.Tap the Bluetooth symbol on the form.


3.The Collect Mobile app will detect available data loggers.


4.Select the desired data logger and tap the Connect button.

5.The data logger will establish a connection with the Collect Mobile app and begin transmitting parameter values.


6.Close the logger window.



Capture Logger Data on Collect Mobile


After a Bluetooth connection has been established between the data logger and the Collect Mobile app, the logger can be used to populate fields on a form. Three methods are available to populate fields and create a new record:

Tap Download Icon

Create New Record and Tap Bluetooth Icon

Set Capture Interval


Each of these methods will be described using an example Low Flow Sample form. In the example, the data logger is capturing pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature, and oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Depth to water and turbidity are manually entered by the field technician. The form is configured to use stabilization calculations to determine if field parameters have stabilized.


Method 1: Tap Download Icon


1.Tap the Download icon to create a record and pull the field parameter values from the logger.



2.Any values that need to be entered manually can be added to the record by tapping the empty cell in the grid.



3.Repeat the process as many times as needed until the field parameters have achieved stabilization, which is indicated by a check symbol on the form.




Method 2: Create New Record and Tap Bluetooth Icon


1.Tap the New button to start creating the first record.



2.Tap on the Water Level field and manually enter the measured depth to water.


3.Swipe to go the next field, pH.

4.Tap the Bluetooth icon to populate data from the logger to the pH field.


5.Repeat process for all fields to complete the data record.


4.Collect data records until the field parameters have achieved stabilization, which is indicated by a check symbol on the form.




Method 3: Set Capture Interval


1.For a data logger with an established connection to the Collect Mobile app, a capture interval can be set.


2.Tap on the Interval setting and scroll to set the desired time interval between data capture events. Tap the Done button to save setting.


3.Tap the Capture button to start collecting data from the logger.


4.A new record will be generated and the field parameter values will be populated from the logger.


5.At each capture interval, another record will be generated until the user taps the Stop button.


6.Allow the data logger to capture data until the field parameters have achieved stabilization, which is indicated by a check symbol on the form.