Build 22.3 (Nov 2022)

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Build 22.3 (Nov 2022)

The EQuIS 7 22.3 Build files are available in the "Products" folder on the Downloads Dashboard of the EarthSoft Community Center.


A list of reports as well as Schema files and database scripts updated in this release can be found later in this article.


This build includes the following highlights:

AQS Module

Updates to the AQS, AQS-refvals, and COLLECT_INSPECTION_AQS formats.

New 'AQS Raw' and 'AQS QA' reports.



Updates to be compatible with ArcGIS Pro version 3.0. Note that the EQuIS Reports feature will no longer be available in the 7.22.3 Build (and later) due to this update.

Bug fixes.



Updates to Collect Schema.

New Sort Function.

Add an "Information" button throughout Collect Enterprise linked to relevant help documentation.

Get sensor parameter information for In-Situ loggers with power packs.

Updates to Collect Field EDD, Form Generator, COC and eCOC reports.

Bug fixes.



Updates to DQM Schema.

Add ability to lock a DQM QAPP so that only admin users can make changes.

Added new option for setting validation levels in DQM Complete Event Form.

Remove hard coded default check parameter values.

Warnings moved out of Errors tab to their own grid on the Review Exceptions by Check tab.

Errors are saved with an Event and can be exported.

Bug fixes.


Updates to the EDGE format.

Get sensor parameter information for In-Situ loggers with power packs.



Updates to Facility and DMR formats.

Resolve issue where some EDD formats created duplicate EUID values when using EDP in non-English cultures.

Add functionality to Professional EDP to choose whether Excel number formatting is honored when importing data.

Bug fixes.



EQuIS OpenID Authentication now allows specific JSON Web Token (JWT) claims.

Improve token refreshing for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication when Microsoft resets their signing keys.

Dashboard Theme applies to all widgets.

Report Parameter Chooser – Customizable display order for report parameters.

Explorer Widget – Resolve failing cut and paste operations for non-admins.

Map Widget – Add Heatmap layer option.

Traffic Light and Traffic Light Map Widgets – Improved column display in Widget Editor.

Enhancements to Web Forms widget.

Bug fixes.



New EnviroInsite Boring Logs II report.

Numerous improvements to Boring Logs and Boring Log Template Designer, including support for graphics.

Bug fixes.


Geotechnical Module

Updates to Geotechnical format.

Updates to the AGS4 Link Mapping File to better handle data coming from the PIPE section in the AGS4 file.



Improve data mapping functionality.

New Sort Function.



Links to online help in all Live widgets now open to widget-specific articles.

Updates to Live Chart, Circular Gauge, Historical Chart, Schema Checker, Weather Underground, and Wind Rose Chart widgets.


Security and performance improvements.

Login – Fix error authenticating after canceling OpenID authentication.

Open Window – Expand search box capabilities.

Reports – Improve handling of "Save As" folder permissions.

Reports – Customizable display order of published report parameters.

Updates to Action Level Exceedance II, Analytical Results II, Relative Percent Difference II, and Relative Percent Difference III reports.


Harden SQL Injection Protection.

Update endpoints.

Improve Swagger documentation.

Schema – Collect, DQM and Standard updates required.

See Schema Files and Scripts section below.


Updates to SPM format.

New SPM - Bottle Request (Group by Lab) report.

New SPM EIA Completeness report.

Updates to SPM - COC and SPM - Completeness Report Details reports.

Updates to user interface for the Resource Groups table in SPM Enterprise.

Numerous enhancements and fixes to SPM Enterprise.


Third Party Components

Microsoft.ReportViewer updated to v15, SqlServer.Types updated to v14.

Microsoft recommends that .NET applications connecting to Microsoft SQL Server (and Azure SQL Server) be migrated to use the new Microsoft.Data.SqlClient namespace instead of the legacy System.Data.SqlClient namespace. See this link for more information:



Custom code (such as reports and formats) that explicitly uses classes in the System.Data.SqlClient namespace will need to be updated to use the same classes in the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient namespace. For example, the EarthSoft.Common.Data.Connection.CreateCommand(..) method returns an object of type System.Data.IDbCommand. Previous to build 7.22.3, that object was actually an instance of System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand (and could be explicitly cast as such). Starting with build 7.22.3, that object is an instance of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand (and trying to explicitly cast as System.Data.SqlClient will fail). However, code that uses the generic System.Data interfaces (such as IDbConnection, IDbCommand, IDataReader, etc.) does not need to be modified, as the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient classes implement those same interfaces.

When connecting to a self-hosted SQL Server instance that is not configured with a SSL certificate issued by a known certificate authority (CA), you must now include TrustServerCertificate=True; in your connection string.


Online Documentation

New "Quickstart" documentation for EQuIS Professional 7 and Running Reports.

Chapter-wide enhancements to Professional > Tables & Views and Professional > Navigation & Workspace > Filters.

Improvements to documentation for file and note management (File Management in EQuIS Professional, Finding Report Files, Blobber Form for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), Notes, Notes Form, and File Management in the Explorer Widget).


Per our Product Support Lifecycle, this release will be supported for 24 months.


Known Issues:

In EQuIS Windows applications (EQuIS Professional, EDP, and SPM), moving a window to a secondary monitor that has a different scale may cause display issues. The application may appear partially blank or may not fully maximize within the window or screen. To reset the window to the correct display, click Maximize, then Restore for the window in the main monitor.

In Collect Enterprise, Multi Selector and Group Multi Selector field types are not displaying the "Multi Select Delimiter" option. The default value for the "Multi Select Delimiter" is a comma (,) which is being applied in Collect Mobile. This will be fixed in a future release.

In Collect Enterprise, the Data Forms page will no longer display data in the User Groups column after opening, then closing the Uploaded status column of a pushed Data Form. User group data will be displayed again after refreshing the Data Forms page. This will be fixed in a future release.

Starting in 7.21.2, the EQuIS Live Adcon Device Browser widget no longer works properly (no devices from the Adcon server will load/show in the widget) unless an earlier version of the widget was used prior to upgrading. The device information saved by an earlier version of the widget may contain logger or series information associated with facilities and the widget/endpoint does not enforce facility permissions within the content of the saved file. These issues will be fixed in a future release.

Please see for current information.



Report Files


Republishing reports is an additional step that an admin-level user can perform after an installation or build upgrade. Below are the reports that have been updated or created with this release. EarthSoft recommends reports be republished for this build of EQuIS if they have already been published to the database.


As you run user reports and custom reports built on any republished reports, please ensure that they function as expected. If not, they should be rebuilt (e.g., reloaded with the published report, new parameters selected if needed, and user reports resaved or custom reports republished). Added report parameters or changes to the DISPLAY_TYPE of report parameters are most likely to affect user reports.




Collect COC / COC and eCOC – See Release Notes d22084 and d21254 for details.

Collect eCOC – See Release Note d23734 for details.



Collect Field EDD – See Release Notes d20132 and d23609 for details.



Collect – Form Generator – See Release Note d21137 for details.




DQM Exceptions Report by EDD – See Release Note d22372 for details.




EnviroInsite Boring Logs II – See Release Note d18450 for details.



EarthSoft.Reports.Library.50943.dll (republishing not required)

Analytical Results II – See Release Notes d22355, d23085, and d23123 for details.



Action Level Exceedance II reports – See Release Note d24025 for details.


EarthSoft.Reports.Library.60983.dll and EarthSoft.Reports.Library.93818.dll

Relative Percent Difference II – See Release Note d23430 for details.

Relative Percent Difference III – See Release Note d23430 for details.




SPM Bottle Request (Group by Lab) – See Release Note d23488 for details.

SPM EIA Completeness – See Release Note d23869 for details.

SPM Completeness Report Details – See Release Note d23322 for details.



SPM COC Report – See Release Notes d23573 and d24136 for details.


Schema Files and Scripts


The following Schema files and database scripts have changed since the previous build. The locations and purpose of these Schema files are provided on the Database Schema page. For information on applying new Schemas to a database, see Applying Additional Modules/Schemas to a Database.


Professional: schema.xme

See Release Notes d24629


Collect: schema.Collect.xme

See Release Note d23309


DQM: schema.DQM.xme

See Release Notes d23601, d23602, and d23603