SPM (22.3)

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SPM (22.3)




EIA: Completeness Report – New Report [d23869]

A new report has been added to the 48827.dll called EIA: Completeness Report





SPM - Bottle Request (Group by Lab) – New Report [d23488]

A new report called 'SPM - Bottle Request (Group by Lab)' is now available that groups the bottle requests by lab.

We recommend republishing the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.48827.dll to the database, following these instructions: https://help.earthsoft.com/pro_report-publisher.htm.

 See the report article for more details, https://help.earthsoft.com/lib_bottle-request.htm.





SPM - COC Report – Now Honors the EQuIS Option in the 'Use EQuIS MAG or SPM Contract MAG' [d24136]

Fixed the 'SPM - COC Report' to respect the 'EQuIS' option for the EQuIS MAG selection in the Setup tab in the COC_Template.xls file, installed in the SPM\COC Template folder.





SPM - COC Report – Parameters No Longer Facility Specific [d23573]

The @COC and @coc_template parameters for the COC Report are no longer facility specific.

Republish the report assembly (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.72317.dll), if already published, following these instructions: https://help.earthsoft.com/pro_report-publisher.htm?zoom_highlightsub=republish.





SPM - Completeness Report - Detailed – New parameter for QA samples [d23322]

The 'SPM - Completeness Report - Detailed' report now has an additional report parameter that prevents duplicates when using QC samples. 





SPM – Custom DB Function Failed When Using LOTE [d23259]

Fixed a bug with the Custom DB Function option for naming Sample codes that caused errors in LOTE. 





SPM Enterprise – Land Access – Persistent FailedToUpdateAbandonment Error Message [d24225]

Fixed a bug to correctly display error alert options in the Abandonment section of the Land Access page in SPM Enterprise.





SPM Enterprise – Resource Groups – Update Table [d22525]

Updated the user interface for the Resource Groups table in SPM Enterprise.





SPM Enterprise – Scheduler – Disabled "Select All" Checkbox During Blackout Dates [d23792]

Fixed a bug in the Scheduler page of SPM Enterprise so the 'Select All' checkbox is now disabled during blackout dates.





SPM Enterprise – Scheduler – Made Calendar More Responsive for Large Date Range [d22878]

Improved the user interface in the SPM Enterprise Scheduler page by making it more responsive for a clearer user experience.





SPM Format – Added Custom Check tab with Method Mapping Information to Description File [d19595]

Added a Custom Checks tab to the SPM Format EDD Description file. The tab includes information for the Get/CreateSPM#Id methods used in the format.