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Professional (22.3)




Professional – Crosstabs – Report Publisher Fails for Updates from Grid to Non-Grid [d22844]

Fixed bug where the two "Output Format" and "Open on Export" parameters were missed after updating a published Crosstab grid (xtabgrid) report to a Crosstab non-grid (xtab) report. This fix also resolved the "... Object reference not set to an instance of an object..." error from running the updated report.





Professional – DT_FILE – Updates for Non-admin ALS Access and Default View [d22847]

Security improvements for opening templates for Crosstabs and opening the DT_FILE table in EQuIS Professional. Additionally, the FACILITY_ID column is now part of the default DT_FILE display for non-admin users, and permitted files with no facility association display by default.





Professional – Login – Errors Authenticating after Canceling OpenID Authentication [d22552]

Resolved behavior where the Login screen would freeze or throw an error when trying to authenticate after canceling OpenID authentication. 





Professional – Open Window – Expand Search [d22622]

The search box for the EQuIS Professional Open Window will now search filename, report/form name, and object name of reports and forms.





Professional – Reports – Improved Handling of "Save As" Folder Permissions [d22645]

Improved non-admin access when clicking Save As to save a User Report to a folder. Folders with restricted (Viewer or Editor) permission will now appear with the name greyed out, if they contain a folder to which the user has Owner permission. The user can then select and save to the Owner child folder. The Save button is disabled for the parent Viewer/Editor folder.





Professional – Tables – DT_FILE Perfomance Enhancement [d22507]

To improve performance, opening DT_FILE in Professional > Tables will exclude the column CONTENT, which stores a file as a Binary Large Object (BLOB). Previously, the table would download the contents of the field (i.e., the files) before opening, which could lead to long opening times.





Reports – Action Level Exceedance II – DETECT_FLAG Not Populated for TEQ_SUM [d24025]

Fixed a bug in the TEQ_SUM calculation for the Action Level Exceedance II report that resulted in the DETECT_FLAG column not populating in the sum row. This caused a row to not be flagged as expected when parameter 'Flag Non-Detects'="No". 

We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





Reports – Analytical Results II – Consistency for REPORT_RESULT_VALUE with Non-Numeric RESULT_TEXT and Unit Conversion Happens [d23085]

Fixed issue where Analytical Results II converted REPORT_RESULT_VALUE and REPORT_RESULT_LIMIT when unit conversion occurs and DT_RESULT.RESULT_TEXT is populated with a non-numeric character (excluding the decimal separator), such as a comma, less than or greater than symbol, or text.





Reports – Analytical Results II – Individual Analyte Filter Fails with Method Analytical Group Fields Selected in Additional Fields [d23123]

Fixed issue where Result/Analyte/Individual(s) selection failed to filter the output of Analytical Results II report when RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP and/or RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER and/or RT_ANALYTE_VAR columns were selected in Additional Fields and Result/Analyte/Group(s) was not selected in Analyte/Groups​.





Reports – Analytical Results II and Dependents – Extra Selects Not Generating Output for Some Group Fields [d22355]

When the "Extra Selects" report parameter from Analytical Results II (EarthSoft.Reports.Library._50943.dll) and dependencies queried the following columns, those queries were ignored: METHOD_ANALYTE_GROUP, MAG_REPORT_ORDER, LOC_GROUP_CODE, or LOC_REPORT_ORDER. This behavior has been resolved.





Reports – Cannot Open Crosstab or Export to Excel After Using 'Match Regular Expression' Filter [d4649]

Fixed bug when using the 'Match Regular Expression' filter on a column of grid output, where creating a crosstab of that grid fails or exporting the grid table to Excel generates a message like, "Error in Like operator: the string pattern '...' is invalid." Now, upon exporting to Excel with a Regular Expression filter, the grid output becomes read-only until reopened.





Reports – Crosstabs – Export Numeric Fields to Excel in Number Format [d23576]

Exported crosstab values now display as numbers in Excel by default (rather than the previous formatting of Text) for crosstab columns using the numeric type. Setting XlsForceNumeric = False in EQuIS.exe.config will now export all crosstab columns as text; XlsForceNumeric = True still attempts to export all crosstab columns as numbers, regardless of the original column type.





Reports – Customizable Display Order of Published Report Parameters [d22971]

Added ability to customize display order of the input parameters of a published report (excluding RDLs) in EQuIS Professional via a JSON setting, "displayOrder", in ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.PARAM_SETTINGS.





Reports – Relative Percent Difference II and III – Parameter Improvements [d23430]

Improved parameter options for the Relative Percent Difference II (RPD II) and Relative Percent Difference (RPD III) reports. Republishing the report assemblies (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.60983.dll and EarthSoft.Reports.Library.93818.dll) is recommended following these instructions:





Schema – Professional – Increase Character Limit of DT_RESULT.DQM_Remark [d24629]

The available length of DT_RESULT.DQM_REMARK was increased to varchar(max) to allow for remarks that have been merged in the DQM process.

NOTE:  Changes to the DT_RESULT table can cause the schema update process to take a long time when that table contains many records.