Blobber Form for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)

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Blobber Form for Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)

The EQuIS Blobber Form (EarthSoft.Forms.Library.78163.dll) is designed to allow you to easily download or update BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) in the database. You must first select a table from the drop-down and then enter the primary key value (e.g. ST_REPORT.REPORT_ID, DT_FILE.FILE_ID, etc.) for the desired record. After selecting the appropriate table and entering the corresponding primary key value, you are able to download, update or set the BLOB to null.


Download a BLOB


When downloading a BLOB you will need to specify the location, file name, and the file extension. After downloading, the file will automatically open.


Update a BLOB


Click the Update button; you will be prompted to select a file. After a file is selected, the BLOB will be replaced in the database. Some tables (e.g. DT_FILE) may need other fields associated with the BLOB updated manually (e.g. FILE_NAME, FILE_TYPE, etc.). When updating a report *.dll (i.e. ST_REPORT.ASSEMBLY), EarthSoft recommends that you first download the existing *.dll (use Download button) and save it in case you need to restore that *.dll at some point.


Set Null Button


The Set Null button will delete the BLOB by setting the corresponding field equal to null (e.g. "UPDATE ST_REPORT SET assembly = NULL where REPORT_ID = 9999"). Set Null will not delete the record or affect any related records. Deleting the BLOB is useful for dll reports that have been published to the database. Publishing a report is needed for the report to show up in Enterprise EZView. Deleting the BLOB will force Enterprise EZView to use the report dll in the executable directory.


This form is contained within EarthSoft.Forms.Library.78163.dll and is available on request from Please include the version of EQuIS this .dll is being requested for.