Geotechnical Module Overview

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Geotechnical Module Overview

With the Geotechnical Module, EQuIS users can import multiple geotechnical data sources into a single SQL Server EQuIS database. EQuIS Enterprise on Azure offers greater scalability, security, standardization, and workflow automation compared to multiple disconnected local databases. EQuIS interfaces with gINT to run reports and graphics natively and leverages prior gINT investments.


Geotechnical Module users can:

Easily import gINT data into EQuIS or export data to gINT.

Combine multiple geotechnical (and environmental) data sources into a single enterprise EQuIS Schema.

Produce and view gINT graphics from ArcGIS Server and EQuIS Enterprise.

Create and view gINT boring logs in EQuIS Collect.


The EQuIS Geotechnical Module includes:

Geotechnical Schema – Provides a basic structure to store and organize geotechnical data.

Geotechnical Format – EQuIS format designed to upload geotechnical data to the appropriate database tables.

EQuIS Link Data mapping tool that can be used to easily migrate existing geotechnical data into EQuIS.

Professional and Enterprise Reports

gINT Report – Creates gINT reports in multiple formats, such as PDF boring log files.

gINT Export – Exports EQuIS geotechnical data to a Microsoft Excel file in standard gINT structure.

EQuIS Collect Boring Log Form Template – For users with Collect licenses, the Collect form template is available and is based on gINT standard US Data Template.

Tutorial Files – Provide example gINT standard US files and an example EQuIS Link Project Mapping file for gINT standard US files.

gINT Runner API (optional) – Only needed if users want to generate gINT reports from Enterprise and have gINT running on the server.