Using EQuIS Collect with EQuIS Geotech

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Using EQuIS Collect with EQuIS Geotech

EQuIS Geotech is integrated with EQuIS Collect for capturing field data and Web Forms data entry (field and laboratory) on the standard EQuIS Geotech dashboards. EQuIS Collect must be installed as part of the EQuIS Geotech setup (see the Installation and Configuration articles).


An EQuIS Collect template is a collection of pre-defined forms that contains fields with various attributes, data mapping to an EQuIS format, formulas (as needed), and possibly pre-populated with data. The Collect template is used to create data forms that can then be populated with data to submit to EQuIS. The data forms must adhere to all rules and logic set in the template.


The following Collect template files are provided with EQuIS Geotech:

Geotechnical Field Data

Geotechnical Field and Lab Data

Geotechnical Mobile Data


The Geotechnical Collect templates are included in the EQuIS Geotech download package available in the Products\EQuIS Geotech folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center. The template files will be in the EarthSoft Templates\EQuIS Geotech Collect Templates folder after the download file is unzipped.


The Collect templates included with EQuIS Geotech must be uploaded to the database and properly configured to work correctly with the standard EQuIS Geotech dashboards. See the Collect Template Upload and Configuration article.


Details for each Collect template are provided in the following articles:

Geotechnical Field Data Entry

Geotechnical Field and Lab Data Entry

Geotechnical Mobile Data Entry