EQuIS Alive Quickstart (Collect)

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EQuIS Alive Quickstart (Collect)

Use the following steps as a checklist for the EQuIS Alive workflow when using Collect:

1.Create an Alive Survey.

2.Use the EDGE Export tool to generate a custom Alive format.

3.Add the custom Alive format to EDP Enterprise.

Note: It is necessary to populate the corresponding DT_FILE.FILE_ID into the ST_CONFIG.STRING_VALUE field for the xsdFileName. When an Alive survey is exported, records are created in DT_FILE and ST_CONFIG automatically. However, ST_CONFIG does not look in DT_FILE for the format, but instead looks in C:\Users\[user name]\Downloads\[format name].zip.

4.Create a Collect Template with associated fields and mappings to the custom Alive format. For more information about creating a Collect Template, please refer to the following documentation articles:

Create Collect Form Template

Collect Form Template Layout

Add Forms


Overview of Functions in EQuIS

Data Sets on Collect Forms

Pre-population of Collect Form Templates

Data Mapping on Collect Forms

5.After capturing data in Collect, load that data to the database using EDP.

6.Once Alive data is loaded, the standard EQuIS Alive reports are available for generating various report output.