Email EDD Submittals

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Email EDD Submittals

Email submissions are one of four ways that EQuIS users may submit EDDs (see also Sign and Submit, web upload, and FTP submittal). Before users can utilize this feature, a site administrator must configure the following in EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise:

1.When the Schema is created, Enterprise is configured with two sets of records in the ST_CONFIG table for the FileMonitor Agent and the EML channel for the FileMonitor Agent. Confirm that these entries are present by filtering using the following criteria:

a.For the FileMonitor Agent, filter by “AgentsConfigSettings” in CONFIG_SECTION and “FileMonitor” in OBJECT_TYPE. Confirm there is an entry with an OBJECT_VALUE of “EDP_workflow_id”.

b.For the EML channel, filter by “efdManagementConfiguration” in CONFIG_SECTION and “FileMonitor” in CONFIG_KEY. Confirm there is an entry with an OBJECT_VALUE of “EML”.

2.Ensure the email server protocol being used for submissions is in compliance with the hardware and system requirements.

3.All email submissions must come from an email address that is associated with a valid user who has:

a.Creator permissions for EDDs,

b.Editor permissions for the Facility to which they are uploading, and

c.Viewer permissions on the Files object type or the file itself within Files object type if the format being used is stored in DT_FILE.

d.They must also have a valid Enterprise login.

These specifications can be configured in the User Manager widget.

4.In Enterprise, in the Workflow widget, navigate to the Email Retrieval tab and follow the steps outlined in that Help article. Once configured, users will be able to email their EDDs to the email address designated in the agent EmailRetrieve username field, after which the EDD will be processed by Enterprise EDP. The progress of a submission can be viewed in the EDP EDD Status widget.

EDDs can be submitted via email as an .xml, Excel file or series of .txt files. All email submissions must:

Comply with the EDD Package Naming Convention and

Be packaged with a user certificate.