FTP Retrieval Setup and Troubleshooting

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FTP Retrieval Setup and Troubleshooting

The equisworkflow folder ID is defined in the ST_CONFIG table where config_section='efdManagementConfiguration' and config_key='workfolder'.


If the FTP server is a remote server (not the server that hosts EQuIS Enterprise), then the FTP Retrieval agent must be configured and running. If the FTP server and EQuIS Enterprise server are the same server and the FTP Retrieval agent is not running, then the virtual folder (example = FTP:// should map to c:\Windows\Temp\equisworkflow\FTP\ in IIS Manager.


If the FTP server is different than the EQuIS Enterprise server, you will need to note if the FTP server is running Windows or a Linux / Unix operating system. The setting for ST_CONFIG entry differs with the remote operating system.


config_section: AgentsConfigSettings

config_key: agent

object_type: FtpRetrieve

object_value: remote_folder


If the FTP operating system is Windows, then the value of this setting must begin with '/'. This is a quirk of the Microsoft implementation of FTP. For example '/EDDs' which is likely the remote folder C:\InetPub\FtpRoot\EDDs\. This maps to the virtual root folder as defined in IIS Manager, typically C:\iNetPub\FtpRoot\. It should be noted that by default, this folder is READ ONLY in FTP regardless of the folder ACLs. That presents a problem for EQuIS Enterprise since it expects to be able to delete EDD files from the remote FTP server after retrieval. Leaving this folder as READ ONLY would result in the same EDD repeatedly being loaded into EQuIS, and then being rejected as a duplicate.


If the FTP server is Linux/Unix then the value is a path relative to the user [FtpRetrieve:username] home folder. For example, with an EQuIS setting of ‘EDDs’ the remote folder is likely /home/FtpRetrieve:username]/EDDs. In either case, the EQuIS setting should not end with the '/' character.


The ST_SERVICE_RESERVATION table identifies that Ftp Retrieve and File Monitor have been enabled. (status_flag = A).




In the equisworkflow folder (by default on a local machine it is located here: C:\Windows\Temp\equisworkflow), there should be at least four sub-folders:







If EDDs are not loading to the Enterprise site as expected, please check the archive folder.  It’s possible that the EDDs are in the archive folder but got renamed.  At times the Microsoft FTP Server changes spaces to a ‘+’ character.


To identify where the EDD is failing to load, see if you can watch the EDD on it's path to EQuIS Enterprise.


Manual operation to upload it to the FTP Server.

If FTP Retrieval agent is running, it could copy it from the FTP server to the equisworkflow/FTP folder then remove it from the FTP server.

File Monitor agent should copy it from the equisworkflow/FTP folder to the st_file_registration table in the EQuIS database then remove it from the equisworkflow/FTP folder.


Identifying where the path is broken will guide EarthSoft in the troubleshooting process.