Help File – Local Copy

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Help File – Local Copy

To reduce overall download size and time, product documentation is no longer included by default with the Enterprise installation files. Instead, Enterprise uses online help documentation (i.e., If local help documentation is needed (e.g., no external Internet access), the help documentation file can be downloaded separately. If the documentation exists locally in the /help folder (i.e., {wwwroot}/help/index.htm), then Enterprise will use the local help documentation content rather than the online help. Both online and local help documentation support context-specific help.


Complete the following steps to setup use of a local product documentation file:

1.Contact EarthSoft Support for a local copy of the documentation file. This will be a zip file.

2.Create a local, physical folder within {wwwroot} called "help" (i.e., {wwwroot}/help). For a typical installation, the file path would be C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\Enterprise7\help.

3.Extract the zipped help documentation file to the {wwwroot}/help directory.

4.To revert to online help documentation, ensure that a local, physical {wwwroot}/help folder does NOT exist.