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Application Menu

The Application Menu can be opened by selecting the File tab within EDP.

Open – Users can open an EDD or format file. When initially opening the application menu, a list of recently opened items will appear in the right pane.

Save As – Allows the user to save the currently loaded EDD under a different file name or save a reference value file (*.rvf) for use in Standalone EDP.

Save – Allows the user to save the currently loaded EDD. When saving an EDD as a .zip file in EDP (either using the Save menu or Sign and Submit), the default file type in the .zip is now a tab delimited file (.txt).

Sign & Submit – Users can digitally sign the EDD and submit it to an Enterprise system. The format and Enterprise site must be set up to accept sign and submit.

About – Displays the version of EDP as well as the version of the different *.dlls associated with the installation of EDP.

Help – Opens the help documentation.

Register – Allows the user to register the EDP software for new formats as well as extend maintenance.

Options – Presents the user with several customization options, including program defaults and error message colors.

Exit – This exits the EDP application.





There is now a Recent Files menu in EDP that shows what EDD and Format files have recently been used.