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Application Menu Options

To access EDP Options, select the File tab and click the Options button. There are general options and options to customize the appearance of rows and column headers as well as errors.


General Options




Click the General folder to access the following options:

AddHeaderRow – Indicates whether or not a header row will be added to text EDDs when saving.

Comment Indicator – This allows you to choose a custom indicator for comment rows within an EDD. Multiple indicators can be used by using a pipe "|" delimiter (e.g. @|#).

DaysUntilUpdate – EDP Professional allows you to use a reference value cache to decrease load time for formats. This reference value cache is created upon the EDP create process. This field is used to determine how many days before a cache should be updated. The default, 0, will load the live set of reference values each time you load EDP.

DefaultExtension – Allows user to chese the default extension when saving an EDD.  The default is set to .zip.

ErrorThreshold – Allows user to set the threshold for Error Log reporting. The default is set to 500.

RecallLastUsedFormat – EDP will remember the most recently opened format file and open it automatically upon loading EDP.  If this is set to No, EDP will not automatically open a format file when EDP is loaded.

SavedEDDDateFormat – Indicates the date format used when saving an EDD.

SavedEDDTimeFormat – Indicates the time format used when saving an EDD.

SaveOnCreate – This determines if EDP should save a copy of the EDD with a time stamp to the directory the EDD was loaded from. Options include 'Do_Not_Ask', 'Ask' and 'Always_Save'.

ShowErrorsColumn – Choosing 'True' for this option will display an error column with a count of Errors within that row of data.

ShowToolTips – Selecting 'True' for this option will allow EDP to display tooltips.




This section displays each error type in EDP and the color indicator of the error, and allows for user customization. Click on the node to the left of Appearances to display the menu items.




EDP can be configured to display its rows with alternating colors, which can make tables and reports much easier to read. Under Row Appearances, adjust either the Even or Odd rows Level 1 through 5 to the alternate row color of choice.