Install Collect on Enterprise

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Install Collect on Enterprise

Important Note: Prior to installing EQuIS Collect, Enterprise 7 must be installed on the EQuIS database. Detailed instructions for either new installations of Enterprise 7 or upgrading Enterprise 6.6.x systems to Enterprise 7 are available in the Enterprise article Installation and Configuration.



Collect Installation Instructions


The EQuIS Collect download link is available for download at the EarthSoft Community Center.


1.Download EQuIS Collect installer (.zip) from the Downloads Dashboard (Products> EQuIS Collect> v7).

2.Extract the files downloaded in Step 1. Inside the zip file are two folders (db and Enterprise7) and a Readme file describing the release. Within the Enterprise7 folder are three sub-folders: bin, deploy, and Formats.



3.Copy over files from the install package to Enterprise as follows:

a.The db folder contains the Collect Schema. The Collect Schema needs to be applied to all EQuIS databases where Collect will be used. Refer to the Update EQuIS Database article for specific instructions.

b.The bin folder contains the Collect reports (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.149680.dll and EarthSoft.Reports.Library.161941.dll). Copy all DLL files to the Enterprise\bin folder. The DLL files may also be published to the database.

c.The deploy folder contains the file ( to deploy the Collect dashboard and widget. Copy this file to the Enterprise\deploy folder.

d.The Formats folder contains the Collect_Inspection format file. Copy the format to Enterprise. Refer to the Adding or Modifying Enterprise EDD Formats article for specific instructions.

4.Request and apply EQuIS Collect license keys. This will allow Enterprise to automatically create an EQuIS Collect License Role.

5.Deploy the files to Enterprise. Refer to the Deploy Dashboards, Widgets, and Config Settings article for specific instructions.


Note: The Collect dashboard and widget are installed automatically when deploying the package. Users can create extra Collect dashboards by copying a Collect dashboard in Enterprise. The Collect widget runs in full screen mode and designed to run only in a Collect dashboard. The Collect widget cannot be added to other dashboards.


Note: Files to support running EnviroInsite reports with EQuIS Collect (e.g., the Collect Boring Log Map report) are not distributed with EQuIS Collect. Refer to the EnviroInsite Report Installation article for specific instructions on how to install the needed files in Enterprise.



Collect Permissions


EQuIS Enterprise includes a flexible and powerful permissions infrastructure to assign and manage user privileges for accessing tools and data within the application. Permissions are required for Collect users. The permissions can be set at the role level or at the user level.


Each user of the Collect mobile app will need the following minimum permissions:

Assignment to the Collect License Role*

Creator Permissions on EDDs

Editor permissions on Facilities

Viewer permissions on Reports


To access the Collect Dashboard in Enterprise, a user will need to be assigned to an Enterprise license role and have permissions to view the appropriate dashboard. To manage Collect User Groups, a user must also be assigned to the Admin role.


See the User Administration chapter in the Enterprise help documentation for detailed information pertaining to permission and how to assign to users and roles.


*Note: A Collect license role is automatically created during the deploy step if licenses for EQuIS Collect have already been applied to the EQuIS database used by Enterprise. When assigned to this Collect license role, the user can:

1.Be assigned to Collect User Groups.

2.Login to the server with the Collect mobile app on Android/iOS/Window.