Date Series Data Agent

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Date Series Data Agent

The Date Series Data report is a generic report for viewing logger data, available in EQuIS Live.


Viewing Data


The Date Series Data report can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically view data as often as needed.


The report can also be run in EQuIS Professional or Enterprise (using the EZView widget) to view the data manually, without having to schedule an EIA. It has the following input parameters:

Facility – Select a facility. The facility is used to display the Logger(s).

Logger(s) Select the desired stations. Only the stations for the selected facility are displayed. The stations must also have one or more DT_LOGGER_SERIES with SERIES_TYPE set to NULL or 'DATUM' to be displayed. If you do not select any loggers, the agent will return data for all loggers.

Series Select the desired series. If you do not select any series, the agent will return data for all series.

Time Formats – Select one or more of the time formats from the following table.


Time Format

Column Name (in results)


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)



Local time of the logger (not adjusted for DST)



UTC offset hours (not adjusted for DST)


DT_LOGGER_DATUM.DATUM_UTC_DT + UTC offset hours (e.g., enter -5 for Eastern Time, or -3.5 for Newfoundland)


Date Range – Select a start and end date for the data.

Qualifier(s) – Select one or more qualifiers to limit the data returned by the report.

Max Decimal Digits Optional, enter the amount of decimal digits needed in returned values, between 0 and 9.

NULL Qualifier Swap Optional, enter a value with which NULL DATUM_QUALIFIER values will be replaced. Needed when using this report as data source in the Time Series Widget and grouping data by DATUM_QUALIFIER.

Remarks – Optional, show remarks and remark types for the data. A DT_LOGGER_REMARK ("remark") row is shown for a DT_LOGGER_DATUM ("datum") row if:

a.The remark's LOGGER_ID matches the datum's and the remark's LOGGER_SERIES_ID is NULL (i.e., it is for all of this logger's DT_LOGGER_SERIES ("series")) or the remark's LOGGER_SERIES_ID is equal to the datum's LOGGER_SERIES_ID (i.e., it is only for this series), and

b.The remark's REMARK_UTC_DT is equal to the datum's DATUM_UTC_DT, or, if the remark's DURATION_S is not NULL, if the datum's DATUM_UTC_DT is >= REMARK_UTC_DT and <= REMARK_UTC_DT + DURATION_S seconds.




Show Remarks

Check this parameter to show the DT_LOGGER_REMARK.REMARKs in a dedicated remark column.

Show Remark Types

Check this parameter to show the DT_LOGGER_REMARK.REMARK_TYPEs in a dedicated remark_type column.

Show Only Remarks with Type

Select one or more DT_LOGGER_REMARK.REMARK_TYPEs, to limit the remarks shown by the report. If nothing is selected, and Show Remarks and/or Show Remark Types is checked, it shows all remarks and/or all remark types.


If a datum row has multiple remarks (and remark_types), the remarks (and remark_types) are separated by pipes. An empty string is displayed if a remark or remark_type is NULL (or an empty string), to be consistent with the way EQuIS displays other (NULL) values. The pipes are not removed if a remark or remark_type is an empty string. Thus, we can see which remark_type belongs to which remark. Fore example, remark_type = |Type 1, and remark = Remark 1|Remark 2; Remark 1's type is NULL (or an empty string), and Remark 2's type is Type 1. If the leading pipe was not present in remark_type, we would not know which Remark's type was Type 1.


Viewing Data in Time Series Widget


This report can be used to view EQuIS Live data in the Time Series Widget. When grouping data by datum_qualifier, please utilize Swap Null Qualifier parameter.