Transfer Form Templates Between Databases

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Transfer Form Templates Between Databases

This article provides the steps to download a form template and upload it to another database with Collect Enterprise.


1.On the Form Designer page, click on the Preview Col-Preview-Icon button for the form template to be downloaded.


2.The Form Templates preview window will open. Click the Download button to download the form as a zip file (e.g., [Form Template Name].zip). Save the file to the desired directory. Unblock the file (see Unblock Downloaded Files article).


3.Log in to a different database and choose a Collect dashboard.

4.On the Form Designer page, click the New Form Template button.

5.Select Upload Form Template.

6.Browse to the zip file downloaded in Step 2 and click the Upload button.



Note: Form Templates can also be downloaded from the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC) EQuIS Collect Form Library. More information can be found in the EQuIS Form Library article.