View Data Tables

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View Data Tables

To access data tables, complete the steps below.

1.From the main EQuIS application menu, click Tables Tables-Table in the Open group.

2.From the Open window, select a data table (e.g. DT_LOCATION).

3.Specify the mode for opening the table (refer to the help article Open a Data Table).

4.Click Open.




This displays the DT_LOCATION data table.




The color coding in the column headers of the table provide information about each field in the table, as explained below.


A red column header indicates a required field (field that must contain a value).

An underlined column header indicates a key field that helps to uniquely identify the row (most key fields are also required).

A blue column header indicates a foreign key field (i.e. a lookup) that may only contain a value predefined in another table (i.e. an RT_ table).


Custom tables prefixed with either DT_ or AT_ will appear in the Data Tables.