License Selection

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License Selection



The EQuIS Professional Quickstart - User Interface and License Selection - 2018 is available to view here and can also be downloaded.


License Chooser


The License Chooser in EQuIS Professional is available to view current licenses in use and check out additional licenses. After connecting to a database, the lowest available license will automatically be consumed. Additional licenses can easily be checked out from the License Chooser without restarting Professional.


The license packages are listed in order below.










For more information on licensing in EQuIS Professional, visit the EQuIS Professional information webpage.


Access License Chooser


Click on the current license in the status bar to open the License Chooser. Another way to open the License Chooser is to click a caption under the Data, Graphics or Decision Support tabs that correspond with a license, from the ribbon. Captions under the Decisions Support tab will automatically open the License Chooser to the Decisions Support tab.


License Count


The license count on the License Chooser under each license package reflects the available licenses. If no licenses are available, the license is disabled. Close and reopen the License Chooser to update the license count. Clicking on the license count will also open the registration form.


Decision Support License


The License Chooser has a second tab (bottom-right) for Decision Support licenses. Multiple Decisions Support licenses can be checked out at one time, and are not released by checking out another license. Each Decision Support license is represented by a color.











License in Use


The license currently in use is shown in the License Chooser with a check mark. It is also displayed in the status bar, and the caption in the ribbon that corresponds to the current license will be bold. Decision Support licenses in use are also displayed in the status bar, represented by the color that corresponds to each license.