Water Level Elevation Trend Plot (07880)

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Water Level Elevation Trend Plot (07880)

Report Name: Water Level Elevation Trend Plot (07880)


Report Type: Standard


Description: The Water Level Trend Plot Report generates charts of water level elevations. In addition, an analyte can be added to water level charts. It uses Water Levels Report and Analytical Results Report to retrieve source data.


If Analyte is not selected, only the water level is plotted. If Analyte is selected but Unit is not selected or there are any unit conversion errors, an error message is displayed. If there are any missing data, e.g. missing X or Y value in a pair of X and Y measurements, or other unexpected issues, they are notes in the Errors tab, which was added in EQuIS 7.


Refer to XY Chart Basics: Chart Toolbar and XY Chart Basics: Chart Editor of XY Charts of XY/XYZ Charts for more information.


Note: Unit must be selected if Analyte is selected!


If Analyte and Unit are selected, the fatal error message below is designed so users can reselect parameters in EQuIS 6.6.


The unit conversion of all analytical results failed. Please check DT_RESULT.RESULT_UNIT and RT_UNIT_CONVERSION_FACTOR against the selected unit!


The error message below is designed so users can either cancel running the report or continue to see the results in EQuIS 6.6.


Warning: Some analytical results are removed from plotting data due to unit conversion failure!


The issue is fixed where the report failed to generate a result when a DT_RESULT.RESULT_NUMERIC is null in >=v6.5, which leads to the phenomenon that if no location group is selected, there is no output.


Note: Due to the nature of this report, publishing it to the EQuIS Database is not an option.

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.07880


Language: English


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.


Input Parameters

Input Parameter Screenshot

Output Columns




Date Range

Start Date

End Date


*Water Level

default to exact_elev



Trend plot

* means hidden parameter


Tables: The tables used by Water Levels Report and by Analytical Results II


Database Type: SQL


Database Schema: Standard (no custom or add-on schema required)


Database Version: EQuIS Version 5+


Data Requirements: None


Report Requirements: N/A


Output Type: .bmp, .png, .tiff, .wmf


Example Output: View the following example.




Revision History: In EQuIS 7.x, the revisions below have been completed*.


1.A new tool, Go back to the report is added onto the chart toolbar. Users can easily return to the report and change input parameters to regenerate charts.

2.When both water level and chemical concentration were plotted, loading a template incorrectly updated the chemical concentration line. The issue is fixed.

3.A template was applied to the chart of the first chart tab, and not to others. The issue is fixed.

4.When a single chart was exported by File > Export, it did not allow a change to the file name. The issue is fixed.

5.The small chart area of the first chart tab is enlarged.

6.The chart properties are displayed in the Advanced tab after charts are generated.

7.An Errors tab is added enabling users to check for any issues in generating charts.

8.The labels of X and Y axes are added.

9.Continuous maximum water levels (forming a horizontal line section) over measurement date were not seen, due to the horizontal water level line overlapping with the top border line of the plotting area. The issue is fixed.

10.The chart properties of the active chart in the Advanced tab was not updated when a different chart tab was clicked, and the active chart was changed. This issue is fixed.

11.The View > Data tab and the View > Advanced > All '{0}' Series tab are removed.


*In Case 162485