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Interfaces connect various government, geological, hydrogeological, statistical, graphing, and modeling systems to EQuIS. Use of an interface allows EQuIS to export data that the other program can read. In some cases, interfaces also provide the option to import data.


For more details regarding the Interface buttons, please see the Data Tab and Interfaces and Graphics Tab and Interfaces pages.


Format-Based Interfaces


Clicking a format-based interface button may lead to a message like the following if the format was not set up correctly:


Cannot find the format '[format name]' in the current install under the path [EQuIS installation directory]\Formats\[format name]'. You may need to install additional formats or place the files in the correct path.


Follow the installation instructions on the interface page. If those are not provided, ensure the following when the format is downloaded:

1.The zip package is unblocked.

2.The zip package is moved to the correct path specified within the error message.


The message also appears if the format is in the correct path, but the expected filetype (*.zip) is not in that folder.


If the format is not placed in the specified path, it can still be loaded separately in EDP via the Format button.


Note: Format-based interfaces will launch EDP without a format if the user has set the RecallLastUsedFormatFile setting in EDP to "No" or "Standalone".