Mapping AGS Data to EQuIS Geotechnical_v2 Format in EQuIS Link

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Mapping AGS Data to EQuIS Geotechnical_v2 Format in EQuIS Link

The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) Data Format focuses on standardizing electronic data transfer related to engineering investigations, construction, and laboratory testing. EQuIS Link supports the AGS 4 format file as a data source. To properly import the AGS Data Format Version 4 into EQuIS, the AGS Data Format file must follow the transfer file format rules outlined by AGS (


An example AGS 4 Link mapping file ( is provided in the Products\EQuIS Geotech folder on the Downloads Dashboard on the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC). The Mapping Project Template file maps a selection of the Groups in the AGS Version 4.0.4 format to the EQuIS Geotechnical_v2 format ( Detailed descriptions of the mappings are provided in the Defined_Mappings_AGS4_Geotechnical_v2.xlsx file, also available for download from the ECC. The example file can be modified as needed by clients. Please see the EQuIS Link documentation for details or contact EarthSoft Support for additional assistance.


The Geotechnical Export - AGS 4 report exports data from EQuIS and outputs it using the AGS formatting rules.



Note: An example AGS 4 Link mapping file (AGS 4 Link is provided with EQuIS Professional in the Examples\Link folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Examples\Link). The AGS 4 Link Mapping Project Template file maps a limited selection of the Groups included in AGS Version 4 to the older EQuIS Geotechnical format (