Create a Facility

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Create a Facility

Create a facility in one of the following ways:

1.Use the Facility Form. The Facility Form also has options to edit existing facility information, address, contact information, and GIS settings.

2.Add a record to the DT_FACILITY table.

3.In EDP, load an EDD multiple facilities using the Facility format.

4.In EQuIS Enterprise, click the New Facility button or context menu option within the Explorer widget.


Creating a facility requires the following permissions:

for EQuIS Enterprise users, Creator on the Facilities object

for SQL users or users in Application Level Security roles, INSERT on DT_FACILITY


Name Field


In the Facility Form, use the Name field to provide a more descriptive name for the facility. The facility Code only allows 20 characters, whereas the facility Name allows 60 characters. This field updates DT_FACILITY.FACILITY_NAME in the database.


Once logged into EQuIS, the EQuIS Login window displays both FACILITY_CODE and FACILITY_NAME. If no facility Name exists, only the facility Code appears.


Coordinate Identifier and Coordinate Type


The Coordinate Identifier and Coordinate Type fields under GIS settings relate to the DT_COORDINATE table. Almost all EQuIS Professional exports require these fields, which must be populated.


Click Save when Facility Form editing is completed.