Enterprise Widget Overview

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Enterprise Widget Overview

This chapter contains information on how to access and edit the widgets on an Enterprise dashboard.


Use the Widget Chooser to add widgets to an EQuIS Enterprise dashboard. Widgets include the following components:

Widget Header

Widget Chooser

Widget Editor (containing the Copy Widget Settings option)

Paging Controls (for widgets with a grid view)


Many of the widgets require selection of an EQuIS report to load data, as explained in the Report Chooser and Report Parameter Editor articles.



Paging Controls


Grid-based displays within widgets and other EQuIS components include paging controls at the bottom of the grid for displaying a limited number of items at a time, as described below.  


Arrows – Use the left/right arrows to navigate through pages.


Go to Page List – Select a specific page to navigate directly to that page.


Rows per Page – Change the number of items to be displayed per page by using the drop-down menu.


Count of Pages and Total Items – This control indicates the total number of items available in the widget, how many pages to display the items, and which page is currently selected.

Paging controls may also include the following options:

Sorting – Columns can be sortable in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header (click again to reverse the sort). The sort is applied to the full output (with filter, if applicable), not just to visible records.


Filtering – Beneath each column header is a filter box that filters on that column only. Enter a search term (one or more characters) in the appropriate search box beneath the column header. Only records that contain the search term will be displayed. Filtering is cumulative if multiple columns are filtered.