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Widget Editor

This article describes how to use the Widget Editor to set the properties of the widget. The Widget Editor is accessed by selecting the More Options dashboard_chooser icon in the upper right corner of the widget to open the drop-down menu and then selecting the Edit menu option.


The Widget Editor consists of a header and various properties of the widget. Each type of widget has a different set of properties. Some widget types do not have any additional properties. For more information on additional properties that are available for a specific widget, view the associated article for the widget.




The top part of the Widget Editor is the widget header.


Within the header, the following properties can be set:

Title Current title is displayed by default. Edit the title of the widget by typing directly into the title text box in the header.

Color – The default widget color is white. Change the background color of the widget header by selecting the Widget Themecolor_iconicon and then choosing one of the colors from the drop-down menu. Available colors are red, green, blue, purple, and grey.

Widget Object Editor – To set various appearance properties of the widget, select the Editor dashboard_properties icon in the middle of the widget header to open the Widget Object Editor. Setting Collapsible to True displays the Collapse icon Ent-Widget-Collapse-Icon on the widget header and allows the widget to be collapsible (i.e., only display the widget title bar). Setting saveCollapsed to True allows the collapsed state to persist beyond the current session. Setting saveCollapsed to False results in the widget always being fully displayed when the dashboard loads. Changes made in the Widget Object Editor are saved when the Widget Editor is saved.


Cancel – Select the Close without Saving Close_icon button to exit the Widget Editor without saving changes.

Save – Changes will be applied to the widget by clicking on the Save Widget_Save_icon button. The Widget Editor will close after the save operation is complete.