SPM EDD Formats

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SPM EDD Formats

Three formats are provided with SPM and are available in the following sub-folders of the installed \Program Files\EarthSoft\SPM\Format folder:








This SPM format contains the reference values relative to SPM data—specifically cost calculations and containers. The SPM_REF EDD format can be used to conveniently upload SPM-related reference values via EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). An example EDD named SPM_Example_EDD.xlsx, which is also supplied in the same folder, houses some example container and cost calculation data.




Containers are created in Professional in RT_SPM_CONTAINER, and are named within that process.


SPM imports existing containers from RT_SPM_CONTAINER, and a NEW record is created in DT_SPM_CONTRACT_CONTAINER. Container names in SPM can be edited, and those changes will be reflected in the DT_SPM_CONTRACT_CONTAINER.


Cost Calculations


Cost calculations are stored in RT_SPM_COST_CALC and RT_SPM_COST_CALC_MAG. See the article Use Advanced Cost in Laboratory Contracts for more details on how to use cost calculations.





The SPM_CONTRACT Format will export contracts from a selected plan code, contractor code, and (optional) Method Analyte Group to a different plan code and/or a different contractor code. The saved EDD file can then be imported into the same or another facility.



SPM Plan


This SPM format runs in EDP to export plans from a facility. The saved exported file is then imported (copied) to another facility. The file includes plan and shared contracts and plans' planned tasks and samples. The EDD file can be edited to select records for import.