Create Report Groups

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Create Report Groups

Both EQuIS Professional and Enterprise provide the option to group reports.




Note: Whether the groups are created in Professional or Enterprise, the groups will be available in both places.


Reports may also be grouped in Enterprise via the Explorer Widget.


Complete the following steps to group reports in Professional:

1.Open the RT_GROUP and RT_GROUP_MEMBER tables.

2.In RT_GROUP, create a new record. The three major fields to fill in are: GROUP_CODE, GROUP_TYPE, and GROUP_DESC.

a.GROUP_CODE: A short, unique name for the group.

b.GROUP_TYPE: "report_id"

c.GROUP_DESC: The Folder name that will appear.

d.FACILITY_ID: Assign to create a facility-specific group. Clear this field to allow all facilities to access the group.

3.In RT_GROUP_MEMBER, create a new record.

a.GROUP_CODE: The group code just created in RT_GROUP.

b.MEMBER_CODE: The REPORT_ID of the report (from the ST_REPORT table) to include in the group.

c.MEMBER_TYPE: "report_id"




Users can only group reports that have been published to the database. For information, see Publish a Report - Quick-start Guide.

Creating subgroups is also possible using the method above:

a.RT_GROUP: The details entered here will be for the subgroup.


i.Add a new record to the group to which the subgroup will be added.

ii.MEMBER_CODE: The GROUP_CODE that was setup in the RT_GROUP table.


c.To add a report to the sub-group, follow the steps outlined above.