Live Installation and Configuration

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Live Installation and Configuration

Important Note: Prior to installing EQuIS Live 7, Enterprise 7 must be installed on the EQuIS database. Detailed instructions for either new installations of Enterprise 7, or upgrading Enterprise 6.6.x systems to Enterprise 7, are available in the following articles:

New Enterprise 7 Installation: New Enterprise 7 Installation

Upgrading Enterprise 7: Enterprise 7 to 7 Upgrade

New Enterprise 7 Azure Installation: Enterprise 7 Azure Installation

Upgrading Enterprise 7 Azure: Enterprise 7 to 7 Upgrade on Azure


EQuIS Live widgets files are installed, or updated, when Enterprise 7 is installed or updated.


To install or upgrade EQuIS Live 7 Schema and reports:

1.From the EarthSoft Community Center Downloads Dashboard (All Items > Products > Live > YYYY (e.g., 2021)).

a.Download the appropriate version of the EQuIS Live Schema (.zip).

b.Unblock and extract the downloaded .zip file.

2.Setup for Schema and reports requires the following files are copied to the EQuIS Professional folder, where EQuIS.exe is located (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\):

a.Add the downloaded schema.LIVE.xme file (from Step 2) to the \EQuIS\db folder.

b.Copy the Earthsoft.Live.dll, Earthsoft.Live.Reports.dll, and DotSpatial.Positioning.dll files from the EQuIS Enterprise bin folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\Enterprise7\bin\) to the EQuIS Professional folder, where EQuIS.exe is located (e.g., C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\).

3.In EQuIS Professional:

a.Update the database.

b.Publish or republish the EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll using the Report Publisher and click 'Yes' when asked to store the report assembly in the database.

c.Live is ready to begin using. Several articles that may be helpful to get started using Live can be found in the Live Concepts chapter.


Note: Earthsoft.Live.dll is not publishable, and is not stored in the database if the Earthsoft.Live.Reports.dll is published and stored in the database. Earthsoft.Live.dll must be present in the Enterprise 7 bin folder, plus any local EQuIS Professional folders that run the Live reports.