Using EQuIS in Different Languages

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Using EQuIS in Different Languages

EQuIS software uses culture settings to determine things such as date formats, number decimal separators, and language. When EQuIS first starts, it will determine the current culture by looking for the designated culture name as follows, listed in order of precedence:


Culture Setting


The culture can be explicitly set in the <appSettings> section of the application configuration file (e.g. EarthSoft.Workflow.Service.exe.config) as shown below. The culture setting has to be added at the end of the configuration file, before the closing </configuration> tag:



   <add key="culture" value="en-GB" />



A list of culture names can be found here.


Language Setting


If no culture is specified in the application configuration file, then EQuIS will use the language specified in the Internet Browsers Languages setting.


EQuIS supports English, Spanish, French, and German languages, but not all regional variations (e.g., Spanish - Latin America).


Some date fields in the interface of EQuIS Enterprise 7 will use an international date format (yyyy-mm-dd). Others, such as setting start and end dates in the Report Parameter Editor, will use the date format dictated by the browser's language/culture setting. Set the desired language to the top of the list of languages found in the following locations of supported browsers:


Google Chrome: Settings > Advanced > Language > Other languages

Mozilla Firefox: Tools > Options > Language and Appearance > Choose your preferred language for displaying pages

Microsoft Edge: See instructions here.


Example: Setting en-GB (or English (United Kingdom)) to the top of the list will cause Enterprise to expect and handle dates in dd/mm/yyyy format.


Note: The date format in EQuIS Enterprise EZView widget is controlled by the dateFormat setting on the Setup page (e.g., in Web.config).


Regional Setting


If no language is set in Microsoft Edge, then EQuIS will use the regional culture setting of the operating system (Control Panel ... Region and Language).