Maximum Upload Limits

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Maximum Upload Limits

To load large files or EDDs with the Enterprise 7 web application, you may need to increase the maximum size setting in the web.config file (typically at .\Program Files\EarthSoft\Enterprise7\web.config).


The default setting for uploading files is 10 Mb (30mb in IIS 7.5). If attempting to load EDDs or files larger than the web.config is set for, a Runtime Error will occur.


Under Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.5 and earlier, the error will look like: Server Error in '/equis' Application.

Under Microsoft Internet Information Server 7 and later, an HTTP 404 error page will briefly be displayed.


To change the setting for maximum upload size, ask the systems administrator to edit the Enterprise7 web.config file. The setting must be changed in two places. If the values set are different, the lower of the two values will determine the effective upload limit. Caution should be used when changing this setting as it affects the server's vulnerability to denial of service attacks.  Refer to the pertinent Microsoft documentation for more information regarding vulnerability to denial of service attacks.




The maxRequestLength setting defines the maximum upload size in kilobytes (1024 bytes). For example, maxRequestLength="32767" allows for loading EDDs of approximately 32 MB. The default maxRequestLength="10240" which is approximately 10 MB.


   <httpRuntime executionTimeout="240" maxRequestLength="10240" maxUrlLength="2083" />




The maxAllowedContentLength setting was introduced in IIS 7 as part of a suite of IIS security measures. This specifies the maximum length of the content of a request in bytes. For EQuIS purposes, this value should be the value for maxRequestLength * 1024.


   <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="10485760" maxUrl="2083"/>


Only Internet Explorer has a limit to the size of a file being upload via HTTP (about 2 GB). In practical application, this is an unrealistic limit. Issues related to network QoS, latency, and available server resources make finding the actual upload limit for any particular environment a trial and error exercise. If it is expected that files larger than 50 Mb must be sent to EQuIS, EarthSoft recommends that protocols other than HTTP be employed. Please contact EarthSoft Help Desk for assistance if necessary.