Create a Facility Group

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Create a Facility Group

Facility Groups can be created in the following ways:

1.In the Groups interface, select ‘Facility’ from the list and create a new group. Please note, if you wish to add Facilities to your new group from the Groups interface, they must already exist in the DT_FACILITY table.

2.In EDP, Create and Commit an EDD using the Facility format. The following sections must be populated:

a.To create a new Facility: DT_FACILITY.

b.To create a new Facility Group: RT_GROUP where GROUP_TYPE = * or facility_id.

c.To assign a Facility to a Facility Group: RT_GROUP_MEMBER.

3.In Professional, manually create a record in the RT_GROUP table. For the new Facility Group to appear in the list of Facility Groups in the backstage of Professional, it must contain at least one Facility.

4.In the Explorer widget in EQuIS Enterprise, right-click on the folder within which the new Facility Group will be stored and select the New Folder option. To store the group at the root, right-click on All Items.



Note: A Facility Group that is given a GROUP_TYPE of ‘facility_id’ can only hold within it members whose MEMBER_TYPE = facility_id. A Facility Group given the GROUP_TYPE = ‘*’ can contain members of any MEMBER_TYPE.