Tab Views

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Tab Views

To view multiple tabs at the same time, grab the view tab by clicking with the mouse. Drag it down to one of the anchors and release.


To delete a tab view, select the tab view to be deleted and click on the "X" symbol at the upper right corner of the tab views (immediately left of the Tasks Pane title area). The program will respond with a confirmatory prompt prior to deleting the tab. Click yes to delete.  


To rename a tab view, select the tab to renamed and the select Edit> View Options. Select the View tab and enter the new view name. Click the OK button to view the renamed tab. The tab always retains the document name followed by a colon and then the default or assigned view names.


Do not change the master-view. Any of the tabs can be deleted as described above with the exception of the first tab that is present when you open your data file. This tab can be renamed but cannot be deleted.