Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) Manager

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Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) Manager

The SRN Manager forms allow for accessing, creating, and modifying Work Orders and SRN data. The SRN concept is described in the Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) article.


The SRN Manager allows you to:


Create a New Work Order.

Edit an Existing Work Order (and SRN data for that Work Order).

Search for a Work Order.

Search for an SRN, by clicking on Edit an Existing SRN


To open the SRN Manager in SPM, click SRN Manager in the Forms group to the far right of the Plan ribbon.




The SRN Manager screen will display.




From this screen, you will be able to load a subset of data available in the EQuIS DB. The Date Range Filter defines how many months of data to load.


To change the date range, expand the Date Range Filter box, enter the value desired, and click Reload Data.




The SRN Manager contains tabs showing Work Orders and SRNs for the selected date range.


Note: SRN manager was designed to run from EQuIS Professional. In order to open SRN in Professional, the EarthSoft.SPM.Dll and EarthSoft.Forms.SPM.SRN.dll must be placed in the EQuIS application folder typically located here: C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS.


EarthSoft.SPM.Dll can be obtained from SPM's application folder, while the

EarthSoft.Forms.SPM.SRN.dll can be obtained from SPM's application subfolder Plugins\Forms.


Work Order Tab


Follow instructions in Create a New Work Order, to open a New Work Order Form.


Follow instructions in Edit an Existing Work Order, to select the Edit tool, which will open the Work Order Editor form.


To search for a Work Order, click the appropriate column and enter the value as selected from the filter drop-down, or define a custom filter.




The SRN tab displays SRNs associated with Work Orders for the current date range filter.


Edit an existing SRN by selecting it and clicking the Edit tool. A Work Order Editor form will open showing the selected SRN and associated Work Order.


To search for an SRN, click the appropriate column and enter the value, select the value from the filter drop-down or define a custom filter.