Set Absolute X/Y Axis Scale

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Set Absolute X/Y Axis Scale

The maximum and minimum values for X and Y axis scale bar can be set in the XY Chart.


1.Run ARII with some parameters selected and open XY Charts. Click Add Series to generate a chart with default parameters whose X-Axis Scale>Scale (or Y-Axis Scale>Scale) defaults to relative.


Note: The X (or Y)-Axis range is automatically calculated based on the charting data.


2.Click Clear Series, set X-Axis Scale>Scale and/or Y-Axis Scale>Scale as absolute. Click Add Series to generate the chart.


Note: The max and min of the X (or Y)-Axis range are calculated based on and applied to all charts, if multiple charts are created (to be used where multiple charts need to be reviewed under the same X and/or Y scales).


Set a specific maximum or minimum axis value in the Advanced tab in the XY Chart by following the steps below:


1.Click on the Advanced tab.

2.Click anywhere below the X-axis.

3.Scroll down through the properties of Advanced tab, find and expand Range to adjust Min/Max/Interval. For example, Max is changed from 42381 to 42800 and an extra ending X-range is added in the chart (see Figure 1).


Note: The RangeType is Set when X-Axis Scale>Scale (or Y-Axis Scale>Scale) is selected as absolute. Changing RangeType from Set to Auto will switch the chart back to a range similar to the default relative range.


Figure 1

Figure 1