Mapping Errors on Export to gINT

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Mapping Errors on Export to gINT

The following error may occur when using the gINT export and clicking the Map button after selecting the gINT Database Template (*.gdt). This usually indicates that the gINT Database Template (*.gdt) in question is in Access 2.0 format. In order to map data from EQuIS to gINT, the EQuIS Interface will add two tables to the gINT Database Template ("_Geo_gINT" and "_Geo_gINT_Queries"). If the gINT Database Template is not at least in Access 97 format, EQuIS is unable to add the necessary tables and this error is received.


In order to remedy the problem, it is necessary to convert the gINT Database Template (*.gdt) to a more recent version of Access.




Error [3649 ]: The language-specific code page was not specified or could not be found.




Error:3028 - The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query '_Geo_gINT'.


Make sure it exists and that the name is spelled correctly.