ArcEQuIS Crosstab Converter

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ArcEQuIS Crosstab Converter

Report Name: ArcEQuIS Crosstab Converter (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.627608.dll

Dependencies: N/A

Software: EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Professional install, EQuIS Enterprise install

Language: English

Output Type: Report Grid1


Description: The ArcEQuIS Crosstab Converter takes the input of a previously saved User Report for a published crosstab, then converts the crosstab into text format. The text output is used with the ArcEQuIS plugin to generate Table Label Spider Diagrams.


Installation Instructions:

This report assembly is part of the EQuIS Professional installation. No additional installation steps are necessary.



The report takes a saved user report, generates the crosstab and then converts the crosstab into text.


If locations are selected in the report parameters, the report will generate output for the designated location, regardless of what was selected in the saved User Report.


If locations are not selected, the saved report location parameters will be retained.

The published crosstab report may only be plotted if the Separate Tables By option of the crosstab configuration is SYS_LOC_CODE.

The published crosstab report must be published as an igrid.

The tables will only display correctly when using a monospaced font (i.e. Courier New).

Text formatting (i.e. bold, italic, underline, font color) defined in the crosstab configuration will be plotted in the text annotations. The background color of individual cells in the table cannot be set. See this ArcGIS documentation for more information on supported formatting.


Report Parameters



Parameter for selecting individual locations

Reference Crosstab Report


Parameter for selecting the crosstab to be converted into text.
List of Published User Reports for a Published Crosstab Report


Report Output










Data Requirements: The published crosstab report may only be plotted if the Separate Tables By option of the crosstab configuration is SYS_LOC_CODE and the report is published as an igrid. See also ArcEQuIS general help and related data requirements for Using EQuIS Data.


1The Report Grid provides additional export options to Excel, Google Earth, Outlook, Shapefile, PDF, Text, Access, XML or a printer.