Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series) (67219)

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Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series) (67219)

Report Name: Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series) (67219)


Report Type: Standard


Description: The Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series) Report allows you to generate time series plots using the results of the Analytical Results II and the Water Levels II Reports. The main features of the report are:


1.Users can customize the user interface for input parameters.

2.Plots can be grouped in several ways and placed in one or multiple worksheets by either analyte or location.

3.The number of plots per Excel print page can be defined as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.

4.Water level (DT_WATER_LEVEL.EXACT_ELEV, which is calculated based on the default input parameters of the Water Level Report) can be added onto the Analytical Results plots.

5.If there are different units for a parameter, they are automatically converted to the first location's latest sample result's unit for that parameter and any results with failed unit conversions are removed to seamlessly generate plots.

6.Action level data series can be added to a chart. If more than one action level is selected and the check box "Use the most conservative action level" is checked, only one or the most conservative action level is plotted. If more than one action level is selected and the check box "Use the most conservative action level" is not checked, the selected action levels are plotted.

7.The Column series chart type has been added to the chart type of analytes. The column chart type of analyte can be used together with a different chart type of water level, e.g. plotting analytes in a column, and water level in a smooth line.

8.A logo can be added in the upper-left header of an Excel file. If a logo file (default name - artp_logo.jpg) is uploaded to DT_FILE, the logo will be in the Excel output file. See Example 2 and Example 3 below.

9.The maximum and minimum values of X axis can be adjusted over input parameters.

10.The date format of X axis can be selected.

11.On the unit conversion from action level to analyte result, if there is a unit conversion error, the unit of action level of an analyte will not be converted and will be used as it is in charts for seamlessly charting. At the same time, an error message is written to the Errors worksheet.

12.There are several hidden parameters that are available for use once the report is published to the database. To see these hidden parameters, review the rows in ST_REPORT_PARAMETER associated with the Analytical Results Trend Plot ST_REPORT.REPORT_ID and change ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.VISIBILITY from 'Y' to 'N'. Be sure to save changes and then open a new instance of the report.


How to Customize User Interface for Input Parameters


When the report is executed for the first time, it generates the AnalyticalResultsTrendPlot_default.txt file in the EQuIS working folder (e.g. C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My EQuIS Work\Springfield\Springfield Facility\). To show/hide a user input parameter, modify its visibility value (e.g. modify @sys_loc_codes,Y to @sys_loc_codes,N to hide the location_groups parameter). The AnalyticalResultsTrendPlot_default.txt file can be deleted at any time. The report will use its default user interface for input parameters when AnalyticalResultsTrendPlot_default.txt is not available.


Note: If the Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series) Report has been published to the database, the configuration set in the AnalyticalResultsTrendPlot_default.txt file will be overridden in favor of the settings in ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.


Report Dependencies: Analytical Results II (50943)


File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.67219.dll


Contact for a direct file link.


Language: English


Input Parameters: A selection made to customize the output of a report.


Note that the Additional Fields parameter may be customized as explained here.


Some or all (user-customizable) input parameters of the Analytical Results Report, plus the following:


Input Parameters

Input Parameter Screenshot

Output Columns





Date Range

Start Date

End Date






Plot Group Type

The number
of plots
per print page

XY Scatter Type

Water Level

Additional Fields


for more information


Tables: All tables required by the Analytical Results II and the Water Level (Extra Fields) Reports)


Database Type: SQL


Database Schema: Standard (no custom or add-on schemas required)


Database Version: EQuIS v5.6+


Data Requirements: N/A


Report Requirements: Excel


Output Type: Excel


Revision History: In EQuIS 7.0.0, the revision below was completed.

1.When Layout2 is selected with &unit in the "Left Y Axis Title" parameter, the "Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series)" Report applies one unit to &unit even if the units of analytes are different, where &unit should be replaced with a unit corresponding to an analyte. Another issue is that the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." message occurs if unit conversion failures happen with the selected data due to the updating of the EQuIS unit conversion function in EQuIS v6.6 products. These issues are solved (case 139463).

Example Output: View the following examples or download the attachment.


Example 1

Example 1


Example 2: Logo Placement

Example 2: Logo Placement


Example 3: EarthSoft Logo Placement (for example purposes)

Example 3: EarthSoft Logo Placement (for example purposes)